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Patreon Membership

Patreon is the platform I use to share my Mobility Audio Recordings.  I have found that most people want some guided mobility work, but struggle to find the time and/or how to begin.  By becoming a member of my community, you will enjoy access to guided mobility sessions that are short and effective.  You will also be eligible to participate in virtual monthly meetups.  My hope is to get you moving and feeling better - consistently!


Owner Better In Motion


Mobility Enthusiast

  • A Starter's Guide to Moving and Feeling Better!

    • Audio Intro

    • 3 Month Guide - Checklist to guide you and keep you on track

  • Introductory Series

    • 5 Fundamental Lessons

    • Beginner's Chair Series

  • Daily Mobility Series 

    • 12 min audio lessons for your regular practice

  • Monthly Virtual Meetup

    •  Ask questions, get personalized guidance, and learn how you can improve your movements!

$12/ mo

Proficient Mover


  • All the benefits from the Mobility Enthusiast Tier

  • Additional Series Lessons for continued improvement; these lessons range in time from 20-40 minutes and are great for taking the next step in your mobility practice

    • Easier Walking

    • Moving Out of Pain (Oct 2023)

    • Better Movement (Nov 2023)

    • Next Level Chair Series (Feb 2024)

$20/ mo

Motion Master


  • All the benefits from the Mobility Enthusiast and Proficient Mover tiers

  • Complete Library Access for more specific work; If you are in pain, rehabbing an injury, or desire more precise improvement, these lessons will give you that extra care.

    • The Spine Series

    • The Hip Series

    • The Shoulders and Neck Series

    • The Knee Series

    • The Hands and Wrists Series



Starting Guide


The Fundamentals

Calm ATM.jpg


Relaxercise Chair Series


Daily Mobility

Spine Mobility.jpg
ATM Class.jpg


Daily Mobility Round 2


Daily Mobility Round 3

7 Lessons Coming December 2023

Knee Hold
Dynamic Stretch


Daily Mobility Round 4

7 Lessons coming February 2024

Physical Therapy wasn’t helping my joint pain anymore so I started looking for a Feldenkrais therapist. Liz is an experienced and remarkably effective therapist. She has helped me in-person and through online classes. Her seemingly simple exercises focus on one area, but they affect the entire body, showing how everything is connected. She teaches in a relaxed manner, with clarity, patience, empathy and intelligence. So then I find out she is also a personal trainer! I highly recommend Liz Cotroneo for Feldenkrais therapy and for training. Rachel Noon

I worked as a Court Reporter for over 30 years.  At the end of my career I was suddenly experiencing pain in my hands and fingers that manifests in everything I do.  I can't shake hands, hold hands, squeeze a pill bottle, use scissors for any length of time, and trying to turn anything, like a jar lid,  is almost impossible.  At the end of the first class [Hands & Wrist Series], my hand felt remarkably better.  Like I had no resting pain at all.  And it was easy to compare because the left hand wasn't done until the following week.   Both hands are so much improved after just the two classes it is hard to believe! I have found Feldenkrais classes helpful for other body specific areas as well, but addressing every day pain as effectively as these two classes did was astonishing. Debra Eastridge

After my first Feldenkrais class, the pain on my left side of my body has decreased by 75% and I am amazed! I can’t wait to keep doing these classes and my mom is excited to try it out too. Faith Casias

l find that I am able to sit longer without much discomfort and pain after completing my daily mobility exercise. Will keep up my daily routine as it seems to help! Thanks for the gift! Larry Callahan



Easier Walking

10 lessons Coming Soon!


Moving Out of Pain

Coming Oct 2023!

Support during group.jpg


Better Movement 

Coming November 2023!


Next Level Chair

Coming February 2024!

Chair Feldenkrais Fun.jpg
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