A one-to-one private training program is tailored to fit your individual fitness needs and goals.  All sessions include: a proper warm-up; mobility exercises; strength and core training; balance exercises; and cardiovascular training.  As you progress, your individualized program will be altered and adapted to accommodate new challenges and goals. Sessions are available in the Denver Metropolitan Area or virtually. Training package information is available upon request.



A Feldenkrais Session, called a Functional Integration Lesson, is the hands-on approach of the Feldenkrais Method. I use gentle touch to help you discover new efficient and easy ways to move.  These sessions are great for people experiencing pain, those wanting to improve their performance, or anyone interested in learning about how you move and expanding your movement possibilities!

Awareness Through Movement is the verbally guided approach to the Feldenkrais Method.  Mindfulness around small, simple movements can positively impact more complex actions. You will be guided to take your time and move slowly with attention through verbally instructed sequences, resulting in a general easing of unnecessary muscular effort and an improved range and quality of motion.



Are your New Years’ resolutions a thing of the past?  Now you can have a personal coach with you throughout the year!  No more excuses about being too busy or traveling away from home.  Weekly consults are available at flexible times and with minimal technology.  You can set a new goal each month and enjoy weekly check-ins to help you succeed!



If you'd like the guidance of a Personal Trainer without the cost, this is the program for you! You will receive a monthly plan equipped with workout videos, mobility recordings, and scheduling guidance as well as an opportunity to chat with a trainer each month. This plan is month-to-month with no commitment. Try your first month half off when you mention this website!


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