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When you move better, you will feel better.

Research has consistently shown a direct correlation between exercise and health, and I personally believe improved movement can solve many of life’s challenges!  With the core goal of bettering movement, my method allows the opportunity for people to improve not only coordination, flexibility, and strength, but an overall sense of health. Here’s how…

Better In Motion Training addresses your mobility first. Over time, we all develop habitual patterns of movement that may lead to poor posture, muscular tension, and pain. Using techniques of Awareness Through Movement, and direct gentle manipulation via the Feldenkrais Method, you will learn to move in new, more efficient, and pain-free ways. As you improve your mobility, you will open new possibilities of ease, coordination and balance, resulting in improved performance and capacity to do everyday tasks.

When you learn to move more efficiently, you can more effectively strengthen. As a Functional Training Specialist, I utilize multi-muscle, multi-joint movements rather than isolated exercises. Meaning, I will train you in the movements that are critical for life which involve the entire body.  Whether you are a competitive athlete, an avid musician, or a proud grandmother (or all three!) you will benefit from a stronger, more capable body.

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