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The Feldenkrias Method

The Feldenkrais Method is an education system that uses movement to teach self awareness and improve function.


The Feldenkrais Method is taught both individually and to groups.  An individual Feldenkrias Session is called a Functional Integration Lesson. The group format is referred to as Awareness Through Movement. 

Praise for Liz's Feldenkrais Teaching

Physical Therapy wasn’t helping my joint pain anymore so I started looking for a Feldenkrais therapist. Liz is an experienced and remarkably effective therapist. She has helped me in-person and through online classes. Her seemingly simple exercises focus on one area, but they affect the entire body, showing how everything is connected. She teaches in a relaxed manner, with clarity, patience, empathy and intelligence. So then I find out she is also a personal trainer! I highly recommend Liz Cotroneo for Feldenkrais therapy and for training. Rachel Noon

After my first class, the pain on my left side of my body has decreased by 75% and I am amazed! I can’t wait to keep doing these classes and my mom is excited to try it out too. Faith Casias

l find that I am able to sit longer without much discomfort and pain after completing my daily mobility exercise. Will keep up my daily routine as it seems to help! Thanks for the gift! Larry Callahan

I worked as a Court Reporter for over 30 years.  At the end of my career I was suddenly experiencing pain in my hands and fingers that manifests in everything I do.  I can't shake hands, hold hands, squeeze a pill bottle, use scissors for any length of time, and trying to turn anything, like a jar lid,  is almost impossible.  At the end of the first class [Hands & Wrist Series], my hand felt remarkably better.  Like I had no resting pain at all.  And it was easy to compare because the left hand wasn't done until the following week.   Both hands are so much improved after just the two classes it is hard to believe! I have found Feldenkrais classes helpful for other body specific areas as well, but addressing every day pain as effectively as these two classes did was astonishing. Debra Eastridge

Functional Integration

The Hands-On, Individual Approach to the Feldenkrais Method is one-of-a-kind learning experience for your neuromuscular system. 

Hands-On Feldenkrais Session
Hand on head Feldenkrais.jpg

Awareness Through Movement

The verbally-guided approach to The Feldenkrais Method will help you to improve your balance and posture, reduce tension and pain, and teach you new options for easy, well-coordinated movement

Zoom Classes

Virtual Awareness Through Movement classes are available to you wherever you happen to be!  Weekly classes are taught under a monthly theme (improve your posture, ease back and neck pain, better balance, etc.)

Zoom Class
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Fitness Training: About
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