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Zoom Feldenkrais

Introducing my Awareness Through Movement roadmap for 2024 “From the Ground Up!”


This year, I will be offering several lesson series designed to systematically address the body, starting from the feet and ankles and progressing upward. Each six-week series will focus on foundational movements in a specific area, emphasizing how improvements in one place can positively impact your entire body. Over the year, expect to enhance your body awareness, refine mobility, and deepen your understanding of the body’s interconnectedness. By the end of the year, you’ll have engaged in a comprehensive study, gaining fresh insights into alignment, balance, and overall movement coordination. 


The next mini-series begins Thursday, August 15th at 10:00 AM MT (9:00 AM PT).

Note: The Recordings for these classes as well as from the previous series will be uploaded to Patreon at the “Proficient Mover” level: Learn More

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