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We are Better In Motion...

Meet these amazing people who have integrated fitness and/or Feldenrkais training to better their lives! Here are their testimonials:

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"After meeting Liz, I knew almost immediately that I had found the right person to not only motivate me, but also to help me regain strength I've lost over time.  Thanks to Liz, I have become so much stronger, more flexible, and my muscle tone has greatly improved.  She constantly adds new routines, and is the best motivator I've ever known (I am most definitely not a self motivated person).  I look forward with much enthusiasm to my twice weekly sessions."


Devera Witkin


"It's ridiculous how much easier squats are! I wish someone would have corrected me a long time ago!"

Shannen Johnson

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"If you want to feel better & move better this is where you want to go. Liz is class & an amazing instructor!"

John Hickman

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"This Lady knows her stuff!"

Janice Smit

Janice Audio Testimonial

"I have been working out with Liz as my trainer for about 2 1/2 years. I never was a workout/"go the gym" type person before Liz.  Liz has made all the difference. Her classes are small and she gives individual help and instruction. Now I am lifting weights and using rowing machines, etc. My physical strength and mobility have improved significantly. My body's normal aches, pains and injuries resolve quickly within a few days instead of lasting weeks or months. I have learned so much from Liz about the body and healing injuries by motion. I am truly living a healthier life thanks to Liz and Better in Motion."

Joyce Jelinek

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"I cannot recommend Liz enough! Her group classes are effective and holistic, and she provides thoughtful personalization for each client. I found Better in Motion when I was seeking a postpartum strength option, and these classes have been so helpful to me in regaining my fitness.  Liz is approachable and has a great sense of humor -- exactly the kind of trainer I wanted!"

Raven Newberry

"Liz is the best trainer I have ever had!  She is knowledgeable and observant and she pushes and encourages just the right amount. I enjoy her company while training and I feel more confident working out on my own when I travel."

Marshall Bush

"After the first class, my pain on the left side of my body has decreased by 75% and I am amazed!  I can't wait to keep doing these classes and my mom is excited to try it out too."

Faith Casias

"Inspiring and transformational, Liz moves the fitness training needle!

Her thoughtful approach is grounded in careful listening, astute observation and seasoned expertise. I look forward to our sessions as she is a focused trainer with a great sense of humor- both essential qualities!"

Betsy McKenna

Larry Headshot_edited.jpg
Larry Headshot_edited.jpg

"Ever since I've been doing the Daily Mobility [12 minute mobility sessions] my back has not been hurting!"

Larry Callahan

"Liz is a great person in and out of the gym. I have been going to her group classes and enjoyed them. Liz provides a great workout, and everyone in the class encourages each other. She is excellent at managing all strength levels and modifying exercises if needed. I would highly recommend checking her out."

Anissa Ulibarri


Liz Cotroneo makes working out fun!  As a senior (75 yrs plus) I've been lucky to have had Liz as a personal trainer.   She worked with me on balance, strength training, endurance, and cardio. I've seen improvement in all areas of fitness!

Nancy Kron


"I worked as a Court Reporter for over 30 years.  At the end of my career I was suddenly experiencing pain in my hands and fingers that manifests in everything I do.  I can't shake hands, hold hands, squeeze a pill bottle, use scissors for any length of time, and trying to turn anything, like a jar lid,  is almost impossible.  At the end of the first class, my hand felt remarkably better.  Like I had no resting pain at all.  And it was easy to compare because the left hand wasn't done until the following week.   Both hands are so much improved after just the two classes it is hard to believe!

I have found Feldenkrais classes helpful for other body specific areas as well, but addressing every day pain as effectively as these two classes did was astonishing."

Debra Eastridge

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