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Functional Integration

Functional Integration Sessions

What are they?

Functional Integration sessions (also called Feldenkrais Lessons) are the highly personalized, “hands-on” aspect of the Feldenkrais Method. Engaging the brain to improve the body’s comfort and function, each session is a unique, pleasurable experience, designed to address your particular needs and concerns. 


How can they help me?

Functional Integration sessions can help to reduce many types of back pain, knee or hip pain, shoulder or neck pain, jaw pain or headache, chronic tension, postural problems, neurological difficulties, and mobility issues. 


By improving your body’s neuromuscular and skeletal organization, Functional Integration sessions can help you to recover after an injury, regain lost function and improve the way you use your body. You can also use them to enhance your physical performance, and increase your enjoyment of many athletic and performing art activities.


Who are they for?

Functional Integration sessions are good for everyone. People of all ages, conditions, and levels of fitness can benefit from them. If you are experiencing an acute difficulty or wish to address a physical issue in a direct and effective way, we recommend that you have a series of Functional Integration sessions.


How do they work?

Feldenkrais treatments use gentle manual techniques to communicate information to your brain and nervous system. Because the information is valuable to your body, your brain pays attention and begins using it right away, improving your musculoskeletal organization, posture, and ability to move more comfortably.


By interrupting our old habits of posture of movement, Feldenkrais sessions help to build new neural pathways, and new options for our posture, movement, and self-use become available. 


What are they like?

It is easy and enjoyable to have a Functional Integration session. Although they are neurologically sophisticated-- and valuable learning takes place in the client’s brain and body during the treatment--the client can simply relax.  No effort is required on their part.


The Feldenkrais practitioner moves part of the client’s body in a way that feels easy and secure. These techniques are not intended to develop the client’s strength, or to stretch or adjust. The movements in a Feldenkrais session are information-rich and designed to communicate with the client’s nervous system in a beneficial way.


Functional Integration sessions take place on a low, padded table. The client remains clothed. After having a session, people often report feeling relaxed and refreshed, more comfortable in their body, and “taller,” “younger,” and more physically able. Some improvements may be felt immediately, while others are felt later and in following days. To enjoy the greatest--and longest lasting--benefits, take ample time to notice the changes that have taken place in your body, and in the way you move, and use yourself. Your attention is part of the process.


Each session is different.

Because every person has their own physical history and habits of posture and movement, each Functional Integration session is highly customized; a “sensory-motor” learning experience designed specifically for you.


How much do they cost?

Initial 90 minute Intake: $125

60 Minute Session: $100


Sliding scale options available

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