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Feldenkrais Mobility Series

Moving Out Of Pain
Jan 8- Feb 16

I teach In-Person Awareness Through Movement to small groups in a 6-week series. The next series will begin on January 8th and is called "Moving out of Pain."


This Feldenkrais Series was designed by Mark Reese after successfully working with patients in chronic pain. Whether it is sciatica, TMJ, or any other joint or muscular discomfort, this series will help! This series is also great for beginners!

Each lesson is given from a comfortable position, and uses slow, small, and gentle movements.  These movement sequences create the calm and curiosity needed for overcoming your habitual protective patterns of muscular tension and discomfort.

CHWalk 6.CR2
Lying Knee Hug.jpg
Hand on head Feldenkrais.jpg
Self-hug Roll.jpg

$288 for the 12 session series (Tuesdays and Fridays) plus $6.50/month to access recordings.
This is a small group series.  Your individual injuries and pains will be considered as we go through the series. If you can only make one of the days live each week, you can attend a 6 session series for $165. 
Seniors and Teachers: sliding scale options

Feldenkrais classes are available for all ages and all fitness abilities. The whole point of the class is to learn about your personal movement patterns; the lessons are designed to help everyone! 
If you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me

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