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Complete Movement Program

The Complete Movement Program, or CMP, was designed to help the general population to get stronger and more fit in a safe and manageable way.

You may be someone who has exercised in the past, but work (or a quarantine) has interrupted your program, and you've had a difficult time re-establishing a routine. Or you may be someone who has suffered from injuries or pain and has not found a balanced system to help you recover. Maybe you are someone who does not want to go to a gym and prefers to exercise at home, or you want a portable program that you can use when away from home. CPM is an ideal program for these and countless other situations.

Although it is helpful for you to have had some experience in exercising, it is not required for this program. If you are new to strength training, there will be a demonstration video to help you out with your form. You may also consider signing up for a personal training session in order to receive one-to-one assistance with the workouts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Program?

The Complete Movement Program is a one year plan. There will be 12 months of material blocked into sections of 3 months. Every 3 months you will cycle through 3 different types of training. Within those 3 months, the exercises mostly remain the same so that you don't have to learn new exercises each month.

What if I don't like the Program?

This Program is not for everyone. If you do not like it you can cancel anytime. You can also change the Level you are in at any time.

I am a beginner, is this Program right for me?

While it is helpful for you to know some basics about exercises, it is not required. There will be a demonstration video guiding you on form as well as providing modifications for the main strength exercises that we will do. In terms of the structure of the Program, I feel it is ideal for beginners because it gives guidelines on how often to exercise. Additionally, the mobility work will help everyone to be more sensitive and aware of how they move so that doing the exercises is easier.

I am an advanced exerciser, is this Program right for me?

The Complete Movement Program will probably not be your main source of fitness if you are an advanced exerciser, however, I do believe that it is always useful to gain new perspectives on training to improve your own philosophies. Additionally, the mobility work on it's own can be an incredible tool to help you to improve your fitness.

I do my own workouts, but would love some guidance.

You could do the Program just for the guidance. If you choose Level 2, you will meet in a group each month with me to discuss your workouts, goals, and more. If you want more personal attention than that, feel free to sign up for a Personal Training session. Contact me for more details:

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