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Current Feldenkrais Series

Power Your Walk
August 14- September 22

In this 6-week Feldenkrais Series, we will break down your walk, then build it back up to an efficient, graceful, and powerful action!  Benefits of this series may include, but are not limited to:  improved posture, increased endurance, reduced tension and pain, and a general improvement of ease while moving.

CHWalk 6.CR2
CH 6.CR2
CH 7.CR2
CH 5.CR2

About the series...

We often take for granted the function of walking.  Many of us walk every day without so much of a thought about it, until something goes wrong.  Maybe it's a pain somewhere, or you are recovering from a surgery, or you are feeling unstable in your walk.  Walking is actually quite complex when you break it down, yet it is a function that can be improved!
You are invited to take a deep dive into your personal habits of walking during this 6-week Feldenkrais Series.  The lessons themselves will be done from the floor (or a bed if you are uncomfortable getting down and up from the floor).  There will be a particular focus each week, and a follow-up movement to practice after each lesson. 
Most of the information will also transfer over to create more awareness and ease of movement while you run! 
You can attend 1x/week (Lesson A) for the 6 weeks, or for the full deep dive (highly recommended), choose 2 classes/ week.
The Monday and Tuesday classes are Lesson A
The Wednesday and Thursday classes are Lesson B
For those attending 2 classes per week, you will want to make sure you attend an A and a B class.

$10/individual class
$100 for the complete 6-week series (includes 10 recordings) 
Seniors and Teachers: pay-what-you-can

***Pay via PayPal (, Venmo (@Liz-Cotroneo), Zelle, cash, or check. 

Feldenkrais classes are available for all ages and all fitness abilities. The whole point of the class is to learn about your personal movement patterns; the lessons are designed to help everyone! 
If you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me

Mondays- A

1-1:30 PM MT (12pm PT/3pm ET)


1-1:30 PM MT (12pm PT/3pm ET)

Tuesdays- A

9:30-10 AM MT (8:30 AM PT/ 11:30 AM ET)


9:30-10 AM MT (8:30 AM PT/ 11:30 AM ET)

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