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Meet Shannon: Our "Spirited Sportswoman!"

This year, I've chosen to spotlight some of the remarkable individuals I have the privilege of working with! To continue the series, I've selected someone who entered training with a clear athlete's mindset-push more, do more, but has since developed a profound appreciation for the gradual process of safely building strength that endures. Her commitment to continuous improvement and her infectious enthusiasm makes her an invaluable asset to our fitness team. Meet Shannon!

Can you tell everyone a little about yourself? (Name, age, where you live…)

Hi my name is Shannon, I am 55 years old and I live in Lakewood, CO with my husband. I have a 29 year old daughter and I have worked full time at a desk and computer most of my adult life.

Can you briefly describe your experience with exercise or sports?

I have played competitive sports my entire life from grade school through college and continue to participate in various sports to this day. I am very active and want to continue to be able to ski, play tennis, hike, walk, swim, yoga, exercise well into my later years.

What brought you to working out with Better In Motion?

The pandemic disrupted my regular strength activities, reducing me to just walking for three years. Eventually, I noticed a decline in my abilities. I found myself not being able to do things that were usually very easy and realized I needed to take action. Understanding the importance of muscle strength as one ages, I decided to try a Small Group Training (SGT) class with Liz at Better Motion in the summer of 2023.

Can you share any significant moments or memories while doing Small Group Training?

I was happy to get back into strength building and exercise other than walking.  It was challenging because I expected more from myself, but realized I needed to give myself time to get back to a level that I was happy with.  Liz made that easy and fun to do.  She is an excellent trainer, making sure that your form is correct to avoid injury, as well as making the class interesting and challenging for each persons’ level.  I started out once a week for a couple of  months and now attend SGT twice a week.

Is there anything else you’d like to share or any advice you have for others?

Like anything, its hard to get started, but once you do, it makes you feel better both mentally and physically.

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