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Better In Motion

Move better. Feel better.

Crown Hill Press

A unique blend of strength and mobility

Better In Motion Programs unite movement, posture, and flexibility training with strength and fitness routines. Just as every person is unique, I will find the right combination of individual sessions and classes to meet your goals and needs.  You could be moving better and feeling better, today!

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The Feldenkrais Method

Classes and Individual Sessions at Sattva Health & Wellness in Lakewood, CO.

Fitness Training

Personal and Small Group Training Sessions in Wheat Ridge, CO.

Virtual Classes and Sessions

Not In Colorado? 
Not a problem.

Move Better,

That's the motto! See who has benefited!

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Trainer/ Practitioner

Liz Cotroneo

Liz Cotroneo is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and has a degree in Kinesiology. After graduating from a four-year Feldenkrais® Professional Training Program, Liz has blended Awareness Through Movement® teaching with fitness instruction. She provides safe and effective strengthening programs, as well as techniques to improve your posture and mobility, giving you more confidence and independence to carry with you throughout your life.


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Inspiring and transformational, Liz moves the fitness training needle!

Her thoughtful approach is grounded in careful listening, astute observation and seasoned expertise. I look forward to our sessions as she is a focused trainer with a great sense of humor- both essential qualities!

Betsy McKenna
Chicago, IL

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