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This year, I've chosen to spotlight some of the remarkable individuals I have the privilege of working with! This month, I  present to you a special group interview with a team that has been consistently working out together for the past four years. Ranging in age from 65 to 75 years old, this group is far from your typical chair yoga or light aerobics class. We lift heavy weights, aren’t afraid to get down and up off the floor, and bring energy, enthusiasm and great music to our weekly Monday workouts. Meet the dynamic and inspiring Baby ZOOMERS!

1. What initially drew you to Zoom Exercise class, and what has kept you coming back consistently for 4 years?

Larry: When my fitness center closed in March of 2020, a dear friend (Mel) advised me to check out a virtual class called Better In Motion. It was just what I was looking for; staying fit and healthy without leaving home.

Steph:  I joined Better in Motion through the recommendations of Kim Moriwaki (my sister) and Debra Eastridge.  Liz and the Better in Motion Group Exercise got me through the COVID Pandemic with consistency, personal support, and group interaction.

Rachel: Convenience. Recordings. Fun!  Worthwhile and effective. Liz explains things really well and corrects us when necessary.

Sonia: During the pandemic my friend Melanie invited me to join Liz' on-line program - from Hawai`i to Colorado with gusto!  I was also participating in another on-line fitness class offered by someone from whom I had been taking an in-person class. Both instructors are excellent but four years later I'm still in Liz’ program and not the other class. Why: Liz is watching what you are doing and tailors activities to address your individual situation. 

Kim: Excited to work again with Liz (my trainer years ago in person when she lived in California).  Also wanted to incorporate strength training into my exercise routine. I also enjoy the camaraderie and support from others.

Debra:  I was so excited to work with Liz again.  She had trained me at a gym in person years before when she worked in Albany, so I knew how knowledgeable she was/is about the body.  And when you combine that with her expertise of Feldenkrais, she knows how to improve endurance, strength and balance without injuring or reinjuring your joints and soft tissue.  I was thrilled she would consider doing a Zoom class for those living out of Colorado.  It was such a kind thing for her to do for us!

2. How has this class impacted you? 

Larry: This class has inspired me to be positive about health and fitness. Also you can be fit at any age!

Steph: ​​I now have a routine of exercise that feels personal and shared!  I was able to do 5K's every month for 4 years with a little more confidence and motivation. Last month, I finished my fourth Pat Tillman 4.2 mile race.

Rachel:  Strength improved. Endurance too!

Sonia: Over the years our small class feels like a family whose members fully understand that physical activity is important for overall wellness.

Kim:  I have improved endurance, strength and balance. 

Debra:   I started this Zoom class in 2020, while still working. She accommodated the working people (probably only me) by having the class on Saturdays.   It was wonderful to have a trainer I trusted doing a Zoom class.  I knew she would correct any bad habits I had adopted in her absence.  Our group has become more attached to each other over these four years.  We are concerned when someone doesn't show up for class.  We love to hear about each other's travels.  I have no doubt that this class is responsible for keeping me healthy, and keeping me strong and upright.  My balance has improved and my weights keep going up in heft.  

3. Throughout your four years, what have been some memorable moments or milestones that stand out to you?

Larry: Over the four years I have become physically stronger. I am now able to lift my fifty pounds plus bike in and out of my truck without struggling.

Steph: .  Liz has been able to modify my exercise routine.  I have trouble with lying down and getting up. She has personalized the exercises so that I can still benefit from doing all the exercises.

Rachel:  My most memorable moment was the first time I didn’t have to rest for hours after a class. 😆 it was about my 5th class. 

Sonia:  I have "always" had an achy kink in my R lower back. It has healed. And now with corrected form, squats no longer hurt my lower back.

Kim: I think I have avoided falls because of improved balance, I have moved up with the weights I am able to use, and my core is definitely stronger- I can do roll ups now!

Debra:  I can hold a 1 minute plank every time.  I used to only be able to do that on occasion.  But now that's the standard and I do it.  I have gone up in weight lifting since I started.  And while sometimes the warm up was almost too much, now it is really a warm up.  If I have a cranky lower back before I start the class I know it will be gone when we are finished.  

4. Do you have any advice to give someone considering joining a virtual exercise class? Do you have anything else you’d like to share with others about your experience

Larry: A virtual class is excellent for both the beginner and intermediate level. It’s having a workout in the comfort of your home. A plus benefit is the meeting and socializing with new friends.

Steph: Virtual classes are great. Our Group Classes are hard, fun, and they work.  

Rachel: In this class, we are given options for working around injuries or painful movements.    

Sonia: There are lots of fitness classes on-line but having a pleasant interactive fitness teacher on-line is like having a personal trainer. It also helps that members are cheerful &  supportive of each other.

Kim: Liz is able to work with all abilities and levels.  She suggests alternatives if you need to be more or less challenged or need to make accommodations if you have an injury.  No need to worry what you might look like, we are all working at our own pace and don't look at each other!

This is the perfect addition to my weekly exercise program.  It is challenging and doable.  Even though the class is virtual, it feels like Liz is right there with me, gently encouraging me, and or correcting my form.

Debra: Liz is very good at what she does.  She can pivot on a dime if something happens, like loss of internet or someone's new injury.  This is not a rote class.  Liz makes it new and interesting every time.  I am 69 years old and I am the second youngest in this class.  We are not a chair yoga group.   This is a class that will make you strong and confident with your ability and what your body can do.  I am a grandmother of a 2 1/2 year old.  I only see him every three months or so.  He goes up in weight and I need to be able to lift him and hold him and put him in a low crib still.  I can do that and I give Liz all the credit for keeping me strong!

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All of these things are true. I second the “turn on a dime” comment.

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